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How can I Lock Down my VoIP Network?

Whenever we begin the Great Transition from one form of technology to another, the one concern that plagues the providers of the new technology is security. Skepticism about the security of a new and unknown type of technology is one of the biggest things that makes potential customers wary about making the switch.

VoIP is in a sort of grey area where it’s no longer the newest technology on the market, but still, not everyone has adopted it yet. Therefore, a lot of people know the benefits about switching and are planning on doing so, while others are new to the technology and still figuring it out. For anyone in either of these camps, there are things that are important to know.

The main thing to bear in mind is the fact that the security of your WiFi connection has little to do with the security of your VoIP. An insecure WiFi connection does not necessarily mean that your VoIP connection is insecure, and vice versa.

That said, here are some ways that you can rest assured that your VoIP network is secure.

Require Password Protected Logins Every Time
It may be quicker and easier for your employees to click the “keep me logged in” button, but that’s also a great way to weaken your security. If you want to know that your network is secure, require every username to have a password, and require the username and password to be entered every time the program is launched. This adds a second layer of security – even if a hacker is able to breach the network, they’d still need to hack a specific password to gain full access.

Make Ample Use of Fraud Detection
Most VoIP providers offer a type of “fraud detection” monitoring that recognizes when a user is logging in from an unusual location, using the program for an unusual amount of time, or any other type of abnormal behavior. This is your best way to nip a problem in the bud should any security breaches occur. Luckily, a hacker is only able to access one user’s access at a time, so once you notice an issue arising, you can cut them off and change their login information.

Use Common Sense when Working Outside the Office
One of the best things about VoIP is that it allows you to access your business phone system from home, but when you’re outside of the office, you need to be extra careful (read: have common sense). Don’t let anyone know your password and don’t store your password on your personal computer. Be wary of who is around you if you’re working in a café or some other public location. It’s basic security stuff, but it goes a long way. You could have the most secure network in the world, but still have an issue due to a simple mistake.

The fact of the matter is that no network of any kind is perfect, but when you understand what you’re working with better, you can take charge of its security.