SIP Trunks


As enterprises move on from legacy voice communications systems like the public-switched telephone network (PSTN), Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking has emerged as a popular method of facilitating voice communications over the Internet. SIP trunking offers enterprises many advantages over legacy systems, including reduced costs, scalable architecture and enhanced reliability.


We customize our solution to fit your needs whether that’s native SIP or you are in need of a PRI, Digital or Analog interface.


By using SIP, companies can use the full suite of unified communications options: including video conferencing, presence services and many others.


allows customers to use fax and modem services as they normally did for decades.



If a primary link fails, almost any stable Internet Connection can be used to register a new SIP connection.


Connect to VoIP telephony systems and register SIP anywhere and continue receiving calls regardless of location.


SIP Trunks only require a reliable IP network path.  Eliminate costly dedicated circuits.

Increase the efficiency of voice and data traffic with IP Trunking.

We realize that our clients require a cost-effective solution that works for their needs and their equipment. That’s why we offer IP Trunking. By integrating this service into your existing IP PBX, we allow you to take advantage of our reliability.

Enjoy geographic independence and maximize your bandwidth usage with one service.

Our SIP Trunk eliminates the need for dedicated voice connections at multiple business locations. Instead, each network is managed under our integrated IP Trunking service. You’ll be able to transfer voice and data files with greater speed over our data lines and have access to a secondary connection. This allows your organization to operate with nonstop service and provides you with an easier way to recover your system in the event of a disaster. That’s speed, connectivity, and safety in one  package!

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We provide a complete integrated IP Trunking service in the Chicago metropolitan area.

What exactly is SIP?

A SIP trunk is a Voice over IP (VoIP) connection that uses SIP to connect telephony equipment (e.g., PBXes) to the publicly switched telephone network (PSTN). SIP trunks ride over a broadband data connection and can be over-the-top, meaning companies can buy SIP trunks and broadband services from different providers or can be part of a bundled voice/data offering so providers can tweak the pipe to ensure consistent quality of service.

Is the service reliable enough for my business?

Voice over IP and SIP have evolved over the course of the last 10 years to the point that they have become a viable substitute for traditional business voice services. In fact, the vast majority of Fortune 1000 companies have been using this technology for nearly 10 years. Millions of smaller businesses have also transitioned to SIP in the last 2-3 years.

Since SIP Trunks utilize your existing broadband connection (whether it’s cable, DSL or T1), the quality and reliability of the service are dependent upon the quality and the reliability of your broadband connection. Not all broadband connections are the same. Our providers set some minimum requirements in order for you to qualify for the service and we can provide you with an easy-to-use tool to assess whether or not your broadband connection meets these quality requirements.