Park Forest Illinois

Business Hosted VoIP is a challenge for companies in Park Forest, Illinois. At Chicago Hosted Business VoIP we believe that we can help organizations, both large and small in Park Forest, Illinois. Since 1993, we have helped Chicago businesses with their technology to improve reliability, avoid obsolescence and unexpected high costs.

In today’s unforgiving economic environment, business owners are being forced to reexamine their expenses to see what can be eliminated, minimized, or streamlined.  The fundamental reason that businesses are adopting hosted VoIP technology is because of the profound effects it has on the bottom line.  Since, hosted VoIP is able to “piggyback” phone usage on top of Internet bandwidth, SMBs are able to enjoy substantial upfront cost savings, as well as recurring savings when they implement hosted VoIP.  The reason for this is because businesses don’t need to buy expensive systems or hardware anymore, instead they’re just purchasing individual VoIP handsets. Instead of purchasing hardware products, (PBX systems, desk phones, new cables, etc.) businesses are receiving software-centric value (Connectivity, Call Tracking and Reporting, Voice-to-text transcription, softphones, etc.). This means that a new phone system is no longer a capital expenditure, but it’s simply a lower level operating expense.  Plus, the ongoing costs associated with hosted VoIP fluctuates as a function of demand.