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Leverage Tech to Increase Sales


At a recent Dreamforce conference, analyst Tad Travis stated his estimate that 40% of sales organizations would begin automating their sales operations with technology. In today’s landscape, we’re already close to that 40%.

Another interesting tidbit he released is that an estimated 50% of large-scale B2B sales companies would use predictive analytics to shape their sales and marketing campaigns by 2017.

These are, of course, just estimates – it’s hard to predict the future. But Travis, who specializes in customer relationship management technology and strategies, says there are major indications that sales representatives are seeking ways to improve their processes. Integrated cloud technology is a major tool being used in doing so – it provides the insights and analytics needed to estimate consumer behavior and adjust accordingly.

FirstRain, for example, is an integrated solution that offers desktop and mobile applications to deliver important client profile information while keeping its users up-to-date on industry updates for maximum efficiency.  Then there is CRM software, like OfficeSuite® Connector for Salesforcewhich connects all of your communication streams to Salesforce, allowing managers to gain insight into individual rep activity and performance and enabling reps with advanced click-to-call and call logging capabilities.

There is also WalkMe, a training service that gets sales reps acquainted with the applications they currently need, such as live chat and enterprise resourcing planning systems. Or, how about Salesforce in general, an integrated cloud service that merges sales analytics with other products for detailed insights.

The lesson here is that these cloud services and their counterparts are already helping to automate so many of the processes that make sales teams successful. They are making it easier to retain customers, address issues, and see what is and is not working in various campaigns. As services like these improve and expand their capabilities, sales representatives will grow to depend on them more in the years to come.

Not only will future applications be able to give a detailed view of what has and has not been working, they will also be able to figure out which customers are purchasing and what they like to purchase. In the years to come, sales will be more streamlined than ever.

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