Intelligent Call Center

Integrated Contact Center (ICC) intelligently processes incoming calls to the user’s phone based on preset rules and real-time conditions. Incoming calls can ring all employees in the department or one person at a time depending on the work style. An incoming caller can be routed to the best employee to help them based on specific criteria. If a customer calls back within a certain amount of time, his call can be sent to the same agent who helped him before, so he doesn’t have to explain himself again. Users can be located anywhere in the world, allowing for true flexibility and around the clock coverage, without the need to relocate key talent.

ICC Supervisors have access to even more features including escalating calls in the queue, assigning calls to be answered by specific users, real-time monitoring, and coaching with the ability to Whisper-thru, Barge-in & Silent Monitor active calls.

SuperViewTM is a powerful tool, where the ICC supervisor sees real-time statistics on multiple departments at the same time. SuperView is accessible through the Zultys ZAC client or through a web browser, which requires no installation.

Supervisors can set up multi-level alerts based on multiple criteria and know immediately when a call group is on the verge of a problem, and reallocate people to help on the fly.

Managers can oversee the caller queue in the same interface. They can assign calls to a specific support agent, or barge-in, whisper or silent monitor their employees. For high-priority customers, the supervisor can move a waiting call or message to a higher position in the queue.

Powerful and Easily Customizable Reporting Provides Deep Insight Into Call Handling and Agent Performance.

MXreport™ Provides Deep Insight Into Call Handling and Agent Performance

Zultys MXreport™ custom report writer provides Call Center managers and System Administrators with deep insight into call handling and agent performance. MXreport provides customized statistics-based reporting by tapping into nearly 50 call detail record (CDR) fields through an easy to use drag-and-drop report builder interface that lets managers create and output their own custom reports that analyze and compare key data.

Reports can be generated into spreadsheets, graphs, wallboards and other document formats. MXreport enables companies to analyze calls from “cradle to grave” across the entire life cycle of a contact event to better manage and improve their Call Center operations, communications flow and customer service.

Enables Companies to Meet Unique Call Accounting and Call Handling Needs – MXreport gives companies with special call accounting and call handling needs the ability to more finely control and account for their call activities. The customizable reporting features make it easy to identify calls with specific customers and accounts and to comply with unique legal and regulatory requirements. For example, while any company could benefit from these capabilities, Legal, Financial and Insurance firms could easily track and analyze call activities for customer account billing purposes and better ensure that client calls are handled according to specific needs. Public sector client calls can also be easily separated from private sector call activities to comply with regulatory requirements. CUSTOMIZED STATISTICAL REPORTING TOOL TAPS SCORES OF CALL RECORD DATA FIELDS – MXreport gives Zultys customers a powerful tool to access, analyze and report Call Data Records (CDR) across the entire life cycle of a call. Each CDR record contains nearly 50 fields of call data information. MXreport is an advanced report writer software client running under Microsoft Windows that gives the User the ability to access the CDR fields, extract, analyze and report the data in customized report templates. With MXreport, you can change the appearance of an existing report or create new management reports. A newly created report can be saved as a report template for repeated use.