Hosted Call Center



Simple and scalable call queuing to meet the needs of any business. Agents can conference in other agents and escalate calls to supervisors. Supervisors can monitor queues and agents via a real-time dashboard, receive daily queue activity reports in email, and use a powerful configuration portal to manage tasks such as agent allocation, announcement customization and overflow call routing configuration.


Are you looking for a call center solution that allows you to manage queues, record calls, staff more effectively, and otherwise optimize the call service your customers receive?Our Cloud Call Center will automatically analyze your call needs while allowing managers to whisper-coach and record conversations to improve agent performances.

Check call status and more to optimize your call center’s performance.

Our dedicated professional team will set up and implement your system within days, allowing you to improve your customer service immediately. Using our Cloud Call Center is so simple that managers can start utilizing it immediately after installation, with no additional training, equipment, or capital expenditure required. By running an ongoing analysis on call center activity, our Cloud Call Center will help you to examine your inbound and outbound calls to maximize efficiency and agent performance. Our program will generate detailed reports that will enable you to:

  • Identify peak calling times, allowing you to staff accordingly.
  • Reduce customer wait times, leading to improve customer service.
  • Monitor and route calls according to agents’ skill and experience.
  • Whisper coach agents to optimize customer experience.