Crystal Lake Illinois

Business Hosted VoIP is a challenge for companies in Crystal Lake, Illinois. At Chicago Hosted Business VoIP we believe that we can help organizations, both large and small in Crystal Lake, Illinois. Since 1993, we have helped Chicago businesses with their technology to improve reliability, avoid obsolescence and unexpected high costs.

As one might imagine there are tremendous advantages to cloud computing. First and foremost, cloud computing enables small to mid-sized businesses to leverage storage space and application solutions without having to make significant capital expenditures on hardware or infrastructure. As a company needs more storage space or software they can pay as they go. In other words, providers offering cloud computing offer services based on utility (such as Amazon S3), subscription or a flat monthly fee. Software as a Service (SaaS) is another advantage of cloud computing because companies can tap into solutions hosted on the Internet such as

Easy collaboration is another great benefit of cloud computing services. With both the application and the data stored in the cloud it’s easy for multiple users to work together on the same project – anytime, anywhere. This gives companies with virtual employees extreme flexibility as well as enhanced productivity. Furthermore, depending on the provider the data and applications stored in the cloud in most situations have complete disaster recovery. The information is protected by multiple, geographically dispersed data centers with extensive backup, archive, and failover capabilities. In addition to SAS, cloud computing has given rise to platform as a service, meaning one can build their own applications to run on the cloud provider’s infrastructure. Again, it can be tapped into by multiple people regardless of their location.