Collaborate with confidence!

MXmeeting – Delivering a truly integrated web conferencing solution with real bottom-line benefits. MXmeeting is a web-based conference device that offers a full array of sophisticated features for a surprisingly low investment.

With ZAC 7.0, Zultys has united all the collaborative tools that companies need.

► Share your computer screen with another user or with multiple coworkers in a group chat to get everyone on the same page.

► Invite people who are not members of your organization to join a group chat in ZAC. The external users can exchange messages and join a screen-sharing session the same as internal Zultys users. You can start a chat session with an individual outside the organization through ZAC, and utilize screen-sharing if needed.

At Zultys, we give users the ability to collaborate with both internal and external users, all in a single pane of glass. Invite anyone into a chat or desktop share with a click.