Batavia Illinois

Business Hosted VoIP is a challenge for companies in Batavia, Illinois. At Chicago Hosted Business VoIP we believe that we can help organizations, both large and small in Batavia, Illinois. Since 1993, we have helped Chicago businesses with their technology to improve reliability, avoid obsolescence and unexpected high costs.

“SMBs must be nimble in today’s market to stay competitive, and the combination of quicker response times and fewer on-site interruptions have jumpstarted employee productivity and efficiency for our customers,” stated F. Joseph Thomas, President of A3 Communications, Inc.. “Unfortunately, most small companies are supported by a tiny IT consultant that doesn’t have the sophisticated solution to meet their customers’ needs. We get a great deal of satisfaction knowing that our customers’ networks are being monitored and protected at all times and they can count on their critical devices to be up and running when they need them most. Additionally, one of the ancillary benefits that our customers are experiencing is a substantial reduction in the risk of data loss, virus attacks and security breaches.”

While the value associated with monitoring technologies is being enjoyed by SMBs and enterprises alike, these advances are also transforming the way internal IT departments operate. NOCs relieve the routine headaches that many IT departments face on a daily basis, which is enabling IT professionals to focus on strategic initiatives rather than mundane upkeep. Many businesses are putting more and more of their data and vital applications in “the cloud,” and IT personnel will need to possess the creativity, vision and resourcefulness to manage this transition. NOC’s are playing a pivotal role in this paradigm shift. “For certain industries the superior technology we provide is helping our customers leave their competitors in the dust. Plain and simple, they have an unfair advantage over their competition,” adds Mr. Thomas.